Videos Of Our Sash Window Work

Sash Window Restoration

Our full sash & case restoration and paint service complies of replacing any rotted timber preparing the original paint surfaces and re-painted with our 3 Part Exterior Paint System. The 3 part Exterior Gloss system offers long-lasting, high gloss protection with weathering durability that will last for many years.

Sash Window Repair

The most popular service we provide across Edinburgh Lothian’s & Borders is our repair and painting of your sash and case windows. This will bring them up to a fully weather protected condition finished with our 3 Part Exterior Gloss System that offers long-lasting, high gloss protection with weathering durability that will last for many years.

Sash Window Condensation

Window condensation can be somewhat annoying. In some severe cases, condensation can cause damage to your home. If you have old wooden windows, condensation can cause the wood to rot and black mould to form. Condensation can cause damage to your walls with excess moisture in your house. Condensation builds up on the inside of your home can cause damage throughout your home, not just the outside of the property. We offer a service to fully treat your sash & case windows for black mold condensation rot.

Black Mould Repairs

Black mould is a common problem in households that’s down to leaks, moisture in the air and poor ventilation. It can damage furniture and fabrics in your property. There is also the serious issue of the impact it can have on your health.

Old properties are at risk to black mould meaning it definitely something you need to be aware of. Mould can occur in any part of the building where there is a potential for dampness.

We offer a full service to fully remove and treat black mould from sash windows.

Autumn Sash Window Repairs

If you own a home then you likely have seen your home give signs that it is need of repairs. In some cases, these are obvious signs, but in other cases they can be subtler. If you have a broken glass on a window then you know you need it replaced, but what if your windows have more subtle signs?

About Us

EPS Sash & Case is a family-run, Edinburgh company specialising in the repair, restoration, and refurbishment of exterior and interior traditional sash and case windows. As one of Edinburgh’s original window restoration companies, we have extensive experience and knowledge working with traditional sash and case windows since 1985. No salesmen. No hard-selling. Just thoroughly-researched work quotes and trustworthy, timely, and tidy service.

Sash Window Repairs Edinburgh

We are one of the original sash window repair services in Edinburgh and have many years of experience working with traditional sash and case windows on older properties across Edinburgh, the Lothians and Borders from listed buildings to city tenements flats. From replacing sills or rotten timber, ropes and pulley repairs, installing draught proofing, installing Slim double glazing to full sash window repairs & restoration & painting. No job is to small at EPS Sash & Case.

How To Check For Rotted Timber

The paintwork and woodwork on your windows may look to be in a reasonable condition. However, appearance can be deceptive.

We tested this old sash window with a simple tapping method using a screw driver. The tapping method revealed the extent of the wood rot damage on this sash and case window sill. Watch our video on hoe to check your sash and case windows for rotted timber.

How We Double Glaze Old Sash Windows

Energy-Efficient Double Glazing For Original Sash & Case Windows. Our process is simple and straight forward to turn your old windows into energy-efficient windows.

Double glazing your existing original sash windows could never be easier today. All our units are fully guaranteed. We supply & fit the best energy-efficient glazing options available today. Glazing units are from 9mm, 12mm, and 18mm. All our installed units are fully guaranteed.

Double Glaze Upgrade For Sash Windows.
Single-glazed windows only offer limited insulation, while double-glazing provides better thermal insulation, reduces energy bills, and makes your home feel much warmer.

Old Window Repairs And Restoration

How we restore old sash windows and make them energy efficient. Old windows that appear beyond repair can almost always be restored.
They will last decades more if fully maintained. We offer a professional sash window restoration service to restore and repair your windows. We can also make them energy efficient by installing our draught-proofing system. On completion of repairs, we can then fully paint them and finish them with traditional sand mastic.

Sash Window Rope Repairs

We can replace your old worn out sash cord with premium quality cord of four different thickness’s and lengths which are sag and abrasion resistant. We offer a same day rope repair service. All our rope repairs are fully guaranteed. We stock every type of sash window rope to fit any size of sash window across Edinburgh.

We can replace your sash ropes with our standard sash rope or with our premier 100% natural organic traditional sash rope. As well as our rope repair service we can make sure your windows run smoothly & freely by re-arranging baton rods so windows open full, shaving the sides of stiff windows waxing the sides of sash windows. We can replace old or worn sash pulleys. We stock a large selection of the best quality sash pulleys to fit any sash window.

Draught Proofing Old Sash Windows

Eco friendly draught proofing service using your original sash window timber. Retain The Original Look of Your Sash & Case Windows With Our Eco friendly Draught Proofing System. EPS Sash & Case offer a unique eco friendly service across Edinburgh to draught proof your original sash and case windows.

You can preserve the original charm, style and integrity of your original sash & case windows, whilst combining them with a modern draught proofing system.

Sash Window Mastic Repairs

EPS sash & case use burnt sand and linseed oil mastic as this is the original method for pointing the outside facing of the sash window to the stonework for Edinburgh’s tenement flats and listed buildings. This method of sealing is the preferred option for listed buildings and conservation areas in Scotland for its original look.

The old and loose mastic around the window where the cement meets the stonework is removed as is the backing that is behind it. This is replaced with trade quality expanding foam which helps to improve the insulation.

Sash Window Ironmongery & Locks

We can supply and fit any type of safety locks for sash and case windows. Traditional Brighton fastener style design, sash hook fasteners, sash window bolt locks, sash window fasteners, sash window restrictors, Simplex fittings, Traditional Edinburgh sash bars, and Window restrictors.
Window restrictors help protect your windows from intruders.

Windows in poor condition can be restored

It costs less to restore an original sash window in this condition than it does to replace it with a new window. This traditional historic Edinburgh sash window was handcrafted about 130 years ago. About 95% of the original timber was still of solid sound condition. It just needed some TLC to repair it to its original handcrafted condition. After our repairs, and if maintained, this original handcrafted sash window will last decades more to come.

Secondary Glazing

Our range of bespoke secondary glazing is made to measure and features a strong, slim and unobtrusive aluminium profile. Unlike double glazing, there’s no reason to replace your existing windows when you choose secondary glazing, allowing you to receive all the benefits with none of the hassle.