Sash Window Security Check

Additional security for the household is always essential and something that can be overlooked are windows. Think about it, they are large panes of glass that don’t take much to break. If there is nothing fitted to the frame to secure the window then by breaking the glass the criminal is free to open the window from the outside and climb in and go about their business. Not a situation any home owner wants to have on their hands i’m sure you’ll agree.

EPS Sash & Case can add extra security to your sash windows. We can supply and fit a wide range of qaulity sash & case window locks and window restrictors. We can supply and fit any type of safety locks for sash and case windows.

Window installations

Choose from our comprehensive range

  • Traditional Brighton fastener style design
  • Sash Hook Fasteners
  • Sash Window Bolt Locks
  • Sash Window Fastener’s
  • Sash window restrictor
  • And much more
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