Secondary glazing for original sash windows for heritage and listed properties in Edinburgh. Slim fit and energy efficient glazing.

Secondary glazing units are made to measure and fits behind any existing windows, fitted behind existing sash and case windows can be effective in reducing or eliminating unwanted noise, draughts, dust, heat loss, and condensation.
We supply and install aluminium secondary glazing. No permission is required for this so is suitable for use within conservation and listed building areas.

We supply and install a large choice of frames to suit all windows.

  • Horizontally Sliding Secondary Glazing
  • Vertically Sliding Secondary Glazing
  • Tilting Vertically Sliding Secondary Glazing
  • Hinged Secondary Glazing
  • Lift Out Secondary Glazing
  • Fixed Secondary Glazing

Our range of secondary glazing systems have been developed for over many years.

  • The best secondary glazing for thermal insulation
  •  The best secondary glazing for noise reduction
  • Added security
  • Condensation control
  •  Finishes & styles to suit all types of primary windows
  • Years of robust, trouble-free service
  •  A discreet & unobtrusive finish

Benefits of Secondary Glazing from Eps Sash & Case

There are many benefits of secondary glazing from Eps Sash &Case in Edinburgh. Our secondary glazing system is easy to install. It requires no planning permission. This makes it ideal for older Edinburgh properties in particular. The main benefits are:

1. Thermal insulation, reducing heat loss from your home

2. Reduce noise pollution in your home

3. Save money on your heating bills

4. Reduce condensation on your windows, in most cases it eradicates it altogether

5. This glazing helps you to be more environmentally responsible

6. Perfect for  Edinburgh’s character properties

7. Cheaper than double glazing to install

8. Environmentally-friendly, long-term, sustainable solution

Here you can watch more video’s of the benefits of secondary glazing

Secondary glazing windows