Our Carbon Footprint Restoring Your Sash Windows

Eco-friendly service

We are a small family run business that believes that every business has a duty to take steps to reduce their carbon foot print, even slightly. It will make a huge difference to our environment. Renovation/repair of sash and case windows uses up to 40 times less energy than replacement. Our service eliminates draughts + rattles, improves ventilation & reduces heat loss therefore lowering energy bills.

Lowering our power consumption

Every tool we use* from drill drivers, wood cutters, impact drivers, jigsaws, impact nailers, sanders, wood planers and our vacuum cleaners are battery powered. We even enjoy our lunch time cup of coffee with our coffee maker, powered by batteries. We use the latest Makita Lithium-Ion technology battery powered tools. Charging our batteries uses less power than using equivalent electric power tools. We also have in van chargers that charges our batteries as we drive from job to job.

Recycling of sash window parts for our window repairs

We have a good supply of old original sash windows that have been discarded by double glazing companies. This is cleaned and cut into components then re used back into some of our repairs. Old sash window timber was a slow growing wood and of very high quality that will still last much longer than new wood, which is a faster grown timber.

responsibly sourced timber so that forests are protected.

The new timber we use for our repairs is from responsibly grown and forested trees.

* We may use electric-powered tools occasionally, to burn off paint or for very heavy-duty work.

Carbon Footprint Calculator For Individuals And Households