Sash Window Black Mould Repairs

There are three main contributors to black mould forming around your interior sash & case windows: leaks in the putty, damaged window frame and sash window condensation.
If water is leaking from the outside of the sash window onto the window sill, then it is most likely that the sash window is damaged and needs repairing.
When it comes to condensation on sash windows, it’s all about reducing the amount of moisture in the air around your home, there are several things you can do:

How to prevent or reduce black mould on sash windows

  • If you have single-pane windows, you can replace them with double glazing that is much more resistant to black mould.
  • Keep the window trickle vent open, to ensure good ventilation throughout your home.
  • Make good use of extractor fans in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Always keep house plants well away from the sash windows as they tend to release moisture.
  • Try to keep your windows open to keep your home well ventilated.By adopting the above prevention advice you will greatly reduce the risk of mould returning to the sash windows.

How to remove small areas of black mould yourself

Before you try to remove the black mould you should find the source as it will only keep coming back. When it comes to black mould around sash & case windows a very common cause is damage to the sash window frame.

You can try to remove the black mould yourself but NHS Scotland recommend only do this if the mould covers a very small area, smaller than 1 metre. If the mould, contact us for a professional removal service.

Before starting, protect your eyes by wearing goggles and rubber gloves a full face or half face mask. Open up the sash windows for plenty air ventilation but keep doors closed to prevent the mould spreading.


Further advice on black mould: Citizens Advice have good information about black mould in council homes. 
Further advice on black mould: Rentokil have further information about black mould. 

Is black mould dangerous in a home?

Black mould can be very harmful to your physical and mental health, particularly if you already suffer from asthma, eczema or respiratory infections.

Black mould spores release nasty toxins, known as mycotoxins, which when breathed in can cause damage to the lungs and nervous system. For people who already suffer from respiratory or skin problems, those most susceptible to the effects of mould are babies, young children and the elderly.

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If all the windows around your home have a problem with black mould you contact us to repair the black mould.

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